Having actors & dancers in the family, Graham has enjoyed having costumes and the world of theatre to inspire many pieces. 

From Punch & Judy, Harlequin & Columbine (a double piece commissioned for Avondale Hall- owned by Italia Conti Theatre school) to Henry VIII - commissioned for Derek Griffiths. 

Graham has modeled characters from Shakespeare such as  "Orlando" - As You Like It, "Nerissa" - Merchant of Venice, and even the skull of 'Poor Yorick' deceasedů


Theatre Gallery

Jester boy - after artist's son

20cm, £354

Jester- after artist

31cm, £354


Harlequin with Monkey

20cm, £273


cm, £


Mr. Punch & Toby

25cm, £273

Judy with baby

25cm, £273



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