2009 Firing - December

PiggottSculpture or Bladon Pottery as was...

It has come to our notice that a lot of you may not realise that our name has changed from ‘Bladon Pottery’ to ‘PiggottSculpture’; this was some years ago now and came about since we learnt that many people did not know the modelling side of Graham’s talents

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2005 Summer Firing

2004 Firing – due early September

Graham Piggott Fantasy Sculptor

Feb 2002

 It was good to capture Graham working (and making a 'Macho Pig) and also talking; those of you who know him will be surprised to realise how amusingly he can talk and demonstrate.All in all, quite a giggle… They filmed me talking to Debra in the showroom and the barn about some of our own pieces.Great hilarity was had at my expense.Graham & I have always been a 'Laurel & Hardy', 'Johnny & Fanny' (Cradock) couple, but you all know who is really the brains and talent behind this business.We also see the 'Space Portrait' of Dr. Walter Wiechetek with all his interests placed strategically around him(as in the early Holbein portrait practice) and the delightful Murdoch girls' portraits.

The Oxford Alice Trail

Easter 2001

You've visited the Place, had the talk - now buy the Video - LOL! 



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