From the Hand of the Artist to the Eye of the Beholder'

The pieces chosen to be cast in this silver amalgam have to be carefully selected according to their size and shape. They are mostly small, compact figures but are handcast and finished with close attention to detail and character is never lost in the process. Our knowledge of  metals, and expertise in this area allows us to reproduce works of art which can be appreciated for years to come.

"These are unlike anything I have seen before- truly these pieces are exciting, the quality and Craftsmanship you would expect from something made in Britain of the Yester-years. People are screaming out for quality and uniqueness, these days- and this is it."

(Harrogate show 1999) Buyer from Surrey.

"These pieces are something that the British Jewellers Association want to represent, they show the standard of design and Craftsmanship that we endorse."

(NEC Autumn show’99 Birmingham) BJA Representative

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All prices are approximate, please email or call for the latest prices and availability. Pieces can be sent, carriage is extra.


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