Graham Piggott, Bladon, Oxfordshire; sculptor in clay, creating handcrafted ceramic collections of characters from Literature, Fantasy and Theatre based on true to life studies of human & animal forms.
Welcome to Piggott Sculpture 2010

Piggott Sculpture at Bladon

Graham originally trained in painting, establishing his present workshop and showroom at Bladon in 1973 where he now lives and works . 

As one Russian once commented "This is the best little ‘museum’ in Oxfordshire!"…


Graham's Showroom, Bladon

  "…the door, which jangled gaily…clicked shut and left outside the irritable, time-watching adult and the little shop opened its arms to a wonderstruck child. They were all there, her wildest fantasies, and all of them posed as if , a moment before they'd been leaping about, chattering and laughing, and had frozen instantly as the bell warned them we were coming."

With Kind permission from Jeanine McMullen - 'A Small Country Living Goes On' - Unwin.

Graham Piggott at work
Reproduced with kind permission of Newsquest, Oxfordshire

Graham and his wife sell directly to the public and on a commissioned basis. 

His work is very much a mixture of studied realism and story-telling, often having been described as ‘Rackhamesque’. 

Each piece, major or minor, is given it’s own distinct imaginative realisation, achieved through an unassuming but highly accomplished craftsmanship.


All prices are approximate, please email or call for the latest prices and availability. Pieces can be sent, carriage is extra.


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