Fairies in Showroom

Fairies must be included in Graham's 'enchanted world', from Pease-Blossom (Shakespeare) to Elvin characters, sea-sprites to beautifully decorated winged fairy portraits - all are a delight.

Fairies Gallery

Fairy Nude

17cm, £185


22cm, £276


28cm, £290
was available in Resin with Bronze finish from John Lewis 40



24cm, £584

"Acacia" & Fairy

33cm L, £400


Grandfather clock and Fairies holding back 'New Year' midnight

46cm, £260

Emily - smaller, full-size

£197 £954can be made to order



= Item in stock
=  Item not in stock, can be remade
(C) = Commissioned piece.

All prices are approximate, please email or call for the latest prices and availability. Pieces can be sent, carriage is extra.


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