Wind in the Willows Gallery


16cm, £125


22cm, £193 1

Toad Chauffeur

16cm, £136


Ratty & Badger with lamp

22cm, £347


14cm, £120

Weasel (RHS)

14cm, £118


Toad Flying

18cm, £187

Toad Escaping Vase

49cm, £254

Toad "washerwoman" in Bathchair

22cm, £629


Toad on Throne (with cigar)

25cm, £312

Toad in Chair with Pipe

13cm, £158


Mr. Toad - Motorbike & sidecar 'Picnic wih Moley'

20cm, £586

Toad in his car

29cm, £809 2


Piper at the gates of dawn

27cm, £378

"The open Road"

37cm H, £616


Mole at Pub

32cm, £759

Badger's home

35cm, £605

Badger's home in Winter

28cm, £567



= Item in stock
=  Item not in stock, can be remade
(C) = Commissioned piece.

All prices are approximate, please email or call for the latest prices and availability. Pieces can be sent, carriage is extra.


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