In figure and animal portraiture, making from a live model always gives the best results, as the subtlety of 3D can be seen and realised.

He usually works in one or two, three hour sessions, and finishes the piece after. Prices vary from £160 - £1000; price guidance on application.

Photographs can be worked from, but subject needs to be well lit, and all angles covered, including above & below shots. No subject is beyond Graham, from 5-day old baby to full nude; Hawkmoth to Charollais.

Graham has worked in character-origination film work and created several awards for the Yeats Club, which annually commissioned him to make prizes for poetry translations.

Dr. Wiechetek, who works for NASA








All prices are approximate, please email or call for the latest prices and availability. Pieces can be sent, carriage is extra.


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